Fashion and design need to stress the “emotion” concept and to connect it with consumers, we are living in a society so full of objects and clothes that only firms who care about their customers needs, are the one chosen to make the difference in the future.

People need to dream, to feel, to get back in touch with simple living and nature, society has flattened all their amotional needs substituting them with marketing desires and products, transforming people in alienated costumers.

Following other stunning creations of the Origami theme developed by the Japanese brand ISSEY MIYAKE. The concept has been developed both as clothes (132 5) than home collections (IN-EI lamps), the latter project has been realized in collaboration with the italian brand Artemide.

If fashion make this effort on pushing toward emotions, we’ll certainly have final products that maintain the project soul and poetry.

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FACETURE by Phil Cuttance

Origami in motion

Marco Ferreri

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